Send Us Files

Send Us Files

Image Specifications

  • Photo Format: RAW or JPG
  • Quality: 100% quality. No image compression.
  • Size: Original, 100% full size as downloaded from the camera
    (uncropped, non-resized bigger or smaller, minimum 3500px long-edge)
  • Color Format: RGB
  • General Photography Rules (exceptions upon specific request)
    • No fisheye or ultra-wide lenses.
    • No post-production color correction, sharpening, or other digital filters.
    • No AI assisted/generated photography of any kind — custom skies, water, staging elements, or any other features added to or removed from the shot.
    • Camera-specific lens distortion image correction is encouraged, including correction for chromatic aberration and vignetting.

Ad Specifications — Print

  • File Format: PDF (print- or press-ready) or TIF
  • Quality: 100% quality. No image compression.
  • Size: Ad dimentions agreed upon with our Advertising Department, at a minimum of 300dpi at 100% of ad size.
  • Color Format: CMYK or Greyscale

Ad Specifications — Online

  • File Format: JPG, GIF, Animated GIF, PNG, or SVG
  • Quality: 100% quality and no image compression unless Animated GIF is used, then max file size of 150 kb. We will optimize all other formats for our servers.
  • Size: Ad dimentions agreed upon with our Advertising Department, at exactly 72dpi at 200% of ad size dimensions.
    (for high-quality retina displays, we always use ads that are double the height and width scaled into 100% ad size locations. ie: a 300x250@72dpi ad size should be built and submitted as 600x500@72dpi)
  • Color Format: RGB

File Submissions

If sending us multiple large digital images or files, please consider not emailing them directly to us. You can make one zipped archive of all the files so you can send them as ONE BIG ZIP file (

Please send files only to production [at] wetapple [dot] com using one of the services listed below:

  • MailBigFile ( — Send unlimited numbers of files (zipped into a single archive as per instructions above) up to 2GB in file size! (ignore the ad in the middle of their page and just go right up to the top left to use it for free!)
  • Dropbox ( — Be sure to send them with full download permissions.
  • WeTransfer ( — Another popular file transfer service.

Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions please email us at production [at] wetapple [dot] com.

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