If you need to send us digital images or files, please *DO NOT EMAIL THEM* to us. Instead, see below to get instructions about how to use our FTP site.

We understand that you may have large files you need to send to us. Since they may be too large or too numerous to send via email reliably, we suggest for the sake of expedience that you use our FTP server to upload them directly to us.

On a Mac or PC, if you have an FTP application, you can use the following information to log in:

If you are on a Windows PC without standard FTP software, please follow these instructions precisely:

You can enter ftp://ftpuser@wetapple.sytes.net into your Internet Explorer's location bar, followed by the login "ftpuser" and password (wetapple) which it may then ask you to enter.

When you see the "FTP root at wetapple.sytes.net" in a web page, go to the "View" menu, and click on "Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer." You may get an error message at this point -- just "OK" the dialog away. Next, in the resulting small window, go into the "File" menu and click on "Login As..." (or right-click in the window and select Login As... if the File menu is missing) Enter "ftpuser" without the quotes into the "User Name" section, and enter "wetapple" without the quotes into the "Password" section. Make sure to put a check-mark in the box stating "Save Password" and click on the "Log On" button.

You should now be able to drag and drop any files or folders into the resulting window, to upload them to the Wet Apple Media FTP site. You will see a file copy dialog showing your files copying to the server if you have done each of these steps correctly. FILENAME NOTE: Only letters and numbers are allowed as well as - + , . and _ symbols. Spaces are not allowed.

You are STRONGLY encouraged to ZIP all your files into a compressed archive for speedier and more secure transmission to the FTP server. Instructions about how to ZIP all your files can be found AT THIS LINK. Remember: NO SPACES are allowed in the file name of the ZIP archive. (However, all your files within the archive can contain any characters or spaces)

After you've uploaded your files to the site, please send us a quick email telling us the files are ready for us to retrieve.

You will not be able to see your files on the FTP server after they are uploaded, as the FTP server is simply a dropbox with secure write-only access.

As an alternative to FTP, if you wish you may use the fine FREE services of MailBigFile.com to send us your file. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you! :-)